Brooke Meier Illustration


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here are a few everyday glimpses into my sketchbook land of exploration - quick doodles, full drawings, and the occasional grocery list

quarterly work - part one

moving across the country is a huge challenge  - you're forced to make decisions that will help you travel with the items you deem most important to you. these boxes of objects define who you are, the type of person you share with the people who enter your home

for a long time i traveled with my artwork from college leaving no piece behind - the flat cardboard portfolios of work defined my journey as an artist and i deemed these the most important to me as i moved between 10 homes in portland

when i was planning my move to Brooklyn i had a change of heart - i no longer needed the work of my past to define my present. i didn't need the physical objects to remind me of where i have come from

i was glad to leave behind the physical as well as the mental burdens i had been carrying for far too long to start anew. i cut off dead roots and this year decided to start again for myself. to fall back in love with drawing. to only judge myself to myself and not to others. this time isn't for the hope of fame. this time, it's just for me

all of this work has been my personal challenge to create a new portfolio and say goodbye to some beloved work that shaped my creative process. updates will come soon to the illustration page of my website and there will be more to come in the upcoming months