Brooke Meier Illustration


Get live updates on Brooke Meier's blog here! Updates, posts, and even see some of her connections to her social media all on this page with the news. Blog Pages are the name of the game for Brooke Meier's illustration game.



here are a few everyday glimpses into my sketchbook land of exploration - quick doodles, full drawings, and the occasional grocery list

part four of 365 - the downfall

here's another batch of scans from the 365 day project! the blog posts are a bit delayed but i should be back up to posting these weekly to update you all quicker now that i'm back at them. keep your eyes peeled for some studies i'm working on to learn a new style of illustration

addendum: shortly after posting this update personal life disruptions ended this challenge early. while i'm personally disappointed in the length of time this challenge i have to acknowledge when it's time to slow down and recover. i'll be taking a leave of absence until further notice, thank you all for your kindness during this time.