Brooke Meier Illustration


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here are a few everyday glimpses into my sketchbook land of exploration - quick doodles, full drawings, and the occasional grocery list

part one of 365 - the challenge

i'm not sure i believe in the whole phenomenon of the 'new year, new me'. after everything i've been through, i choose to believe in long term life changes.

i'm gonna fall down, there will be mornings i don't want to work in my sketchbook. but this is a project that has been an ongoing dive to get back into sketchbook practice. art school taught me so much but it also burned everything in me when i finally graduated. i'm here now, a couple years out, finally able to throw myself back into creating.

here's to a year long change i'm making for myself. these are my first four sketchbook spreads for my sketchbook spread a day challenge.